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Personal letter box Season Limited Tenugui Ceramic Vase with 24K Gold
Our Price: $10.00
Sale Price: $7.00
You save $3.00!
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Our Price: $12.00
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Our Price: $35.00
Sale Price: $15.00
You save $20.00!
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Personal letter box \\


Tenugui Folding Fan
  • Hand Stitched Personal letter box
  • Material : 100% Cotton (the same material with Hakama )
This a great gift for Season.
It is Limited Item. Quantity is very Limited.
The best method of washing the tenugu : The best method of washing the tenugui is by hand, use it as a wash cloth after practice in the shower. Try to practice your tenouchi when squeezing the water out. But for the first or second time wash, try to follow this method. 1. Do not use soap, just warm water 2. Do not use bleach 3. For dark color tenugui, do not mix with white color if you are using a wash machine
  • Orign : Japna
  • 6.5 H X 3.5 W
  • Material : Ceramic base and Siver , 24K Gold edge
  • It is great item for the Luxury Gift
Kendo Pouch Top quality Hakama #11,000 for Big&Tall HINKAKU Double layer KeikoGi for Big&Tall
Our Price: $30.00
Sale Price: $15.00
You save $15.00!
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Our Price: $210.00
Sale Price: $20.00
You save $190.00!
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Our Price: $120.00
Sale Price: $20.00
You save $100.00!
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Folding Fan Top Master Quality Hakama #10,000 HINKAKU Double layer KeikoGi
  • Size : 10.5 H X 7 W inch
  • Hight quality Suede fabric and kozakura pattern.
  • A beautiful soft silk used for inside of bag.
  • Sturdy straps and pretty final touch.
  • This is pouch to carry your personal belongings during tournament and traveling.
  • A great gift for KENDOYA.

Material : 100% Indigo Dyed Cotton

Designed by : Unique design of

pecial Feature: Hakama is #10,000 stitched

Material : GI 100% Indigo Dyed Cotton Special Feature: e-Mudo's best selling hand-stitched Kendo Gi is back on sale.

If you missed it last time, make sure to get it this time.

The market price is expected to be increased due to the shortage of the craftsman and tailor for such a special, and time-consuming products. Great for a gift, too

Basic Bogu BagD
Our Price: $44.99
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Deluxe Travel Kendo Bogu bag (Oxford #10000)
Opened Box item. Displayed item
Sold as it is condition.

Materials : Oxford #10000
Bag Size : 17 H inch x 16W inch x 12D inch
Weight : 2 pounds
Detail :
1. Strong top grip and Shoulder strap with heavy duty hook.
2. Adjustabel and detachable non-slip shoulder strap.
3. Lightweight and Heavy duty.
4. Name tag pocket
* You can have a Embroidery on Shoulder Strap