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handmade keikogi Tsuba Dome (stopper)-Soft leather
Handmade Supreme Keikogi
List Price: $600.00
Our Price: $450.00
Sale Price: $450.00
You save $150.00!
Japanese Antler Shinai KikaTsuba handmade 2.5bu
Superior Handmade 2.5 BU
List Price: $1,100.00
Our Price: $1,100.00
Adult male and female
Competitors or Tournament use- size 39 Japanese Antler Shinai KikaTsuba
Gokujo Tou
Our Price: $85.00
Japanese design 100% cotton kendo shinai bag Tsuba Dome (stopper)-Soft leather
Japanese Deluxe Cotton Shinai Bag2
List Price: $88.50
Our Price: $69.99
Sale Price: $69.99
You save $18.51!
Cotton Iaido Obi belt Japanese Antler Shinai KikaTsuba
Deluxe Cotton Kaku Obi Belt (Dark Yellow)
List Price: $49.99
Our Price: $49.99

embroidery zekken

What's New

Handmade 1.5BU KOTE
Sale Price: $300.00
SAI Shikisae (Bogu Painter)
Sale Price: $26.00
Suburi Shinai for training pieces 4
Sale Price: $59.99
39 shinai
Promo Code will not be applied! $139.00
Knuckle Protector
Sale Price: $24.50